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hackEns, a hacking club at Normale Sup'

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Since I entered the École Normale Supérieure, the idea of creating some kind of Hacker Space at school crossed my mind several times, but I never did anything even remotely related to starting the project. This year, Claude Perdigou, a third year physics student at ENS launched the idea for real, and I immediately joined him, along with a dozen people. He chosed the name "hackens" for the simple transformation of "hackers" in "hackens" (r→n), which I think is great.

hackEns logo
The hackEns logo I designed. Fishes (Ernests) are mascots of the school.

This logo has not been submitted for approval to everyone yet. I made it with Inkscape using parts of the Creative Commons by-sa licensed Arduino logo and of the ENS logo, which is under a kind of "fair-use" license.

Our activities haven't started yet but I know that some people are quite motivated by the idea of building a RepRap 3D printing machine, that some other want to do some robotics, and there's even one person who wants to make a Ukulele! I'm really looking forward to see what we will achieve there!

Anyways, we'll try to be present at the Plastic Hacker Space Festival organised by the /tmp/lab to meet people.

Edit 2010-10-04: the hackEns website is now live at hackens.org.

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